Sustainable Ecommerce Packaging & Unboxing Experiences at their Best

At Lil, we know how important it is to make the right first impression.

Every one of our ecommerce packaging solutions has been designed for optimal performance and to ensure the absolute best possible end-user experience. And all optimised for your business needs too, and with styles that save on space and match postal sizing limits (including Royal Mail), extra delivery costs won’t be a concern either!

Plastic free packaging 

Ocean friendly, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable

Our entire range is now FSC® certified, accredited plastic free, 100% recyclable and we only ever print using plant and water-based inks. Even our glues are specially formulated to have both the highest plant based content to meet plastic free guidelines, but to also meet the demands of high speed eCommerce. 

And we’re very proud to be the first business in our sector to achieve this.
for speed & security
Patented pop-up assembly for faster fulfilment, yet without the security risk of crashlock packaging.
for beautiful unboxing
Featuring our patented pop-up base, with the addition of breezepaper for beautiful unboxing without the voidfil.
kraft mailbag
for our planet
Certified Plastic Free, perfect for eco-friendly fashion brands looking to drastically reduce single-use plastic in their packaging.
for efficiency
Strong corrugated construction with pop-up sizes for box-like capacity. 100% recyclable and a significant move away from single use plastic in eCommerce packaging.
for speed & postal savings
Featuring variable-depth design, high-strength corrugated kraft board - reduced transport costs as standard.
vinyl mailers
for safe delivery
Designed alongside the world's largest online vinyl record distributors. Peel and seal with tear strip opening as standard for super fast packing.
Bespoke custom cardboard boxesLil box
for standard shipments
Cardboard boxes needn't be boring! Lil branded cardboard boxes are market-leading and fit for any purpose. Manufactured right here in the UK.
for speed
With their high-speed pop-up base, our Crashlock range provides a great look for your brand. We can also produce it with Breezepaper to remove voidfill requirement.
packaging for perfume delivery services UKtwistwrap
for boxed retail
Extensively researched based on retailers’ five shelf heights, in order to package over 90% of all toys and games on the market.
We also sell high quality Kraft packing tape with a super strong rubber based adhesive, our eco-friendly packing tape has been formulated especially for eCommerce dispatches, you can buy your Lil tape here.

We have spent the  years tirelessly eradicating plastic from our product line up and our warehousing and operations, as well as helping our internet retailing customers (from the IR500 internet retailing top 500 through to SMEs) make the switch to sustainable plastic free packaging.

To learn more about the plastic free movement, check out 'A Plastic Planet'.

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