The path to Net Zero Carbon

Our plan is to be Zero Carbon by February 2022

Our partnership with The Climate Pledge commits us to the goal of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2030, 10 years before The Paris Agreement. This process relies upon efforts to reduce emissions across all 3 scopes by 95%.

An important first step for us will be reaching Zero Carbon by February 2022, making Lil Packaging the first Zero Carbon packaging manufacturer and supplier.

Our journey to Net Zero carbon
- Scope 1 | Eradicate on-site combustion of gas & oil
- Scope 2 | Switching to renewable energy
- Scope 3 | Offsetting our supply chain

Meeting The Net-Zero Standard

The time for action is now. In the interest of following the SBTi's proposed guidelines for achieving Net-Zero, we are immediately implementing greener operational practices to cut emissions.

By 2030, we not only strive to achieve a 95% reduction (against our baseline 2020) across scopes 1 + 2 of internally generated carbon, but reduce our scope 3 proportionally by working with partners in our supply-chain and offsetting remaining emissions.

for more information on Net-Zero Carbon, see:

We joined The Climate Pledge on April 21, 2021.

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From a Carbon Footprint of 12,911t in 2020 to ZERO-CARBON in February 2022

We are transforming the climate crisis into climate action, ten years ahead of schedule.

We will adopt decarbonization methods in accordance with the Paris Agreement by executing business changes and innovations, such as improved efficiency, sustainable sources, resource cutbacks, as well as other decarbonisation initiatives.

What a 12,911t CO2e Carbon Footprint looks like 2020

  • Sheet plant (corrugated & solidboard)
  • 100+ pallets/day
  • 75,000 sqft
  • 100 employees
  • 5% net profit
  • 2020 is our baseline - little prior effort

A Lil' breakdown of our Carbon Footprint

• 2.7% scope 1&2 355t
         1.5% Electric 198t
         1.2% Gas 157t
         0.00005% Company cars 0.71t (7.6t 2018)
• 47% Paperboard 6,074t
• 1.3% glue 173t
• 1.1% pallets 141t
• 0.6% inks 83t
• 2.7% other purchases 349t
• 6.0% transport→Lil 774t
• 6.6% transport→client 853t
• 31% end of life of paperboard 4,007t

Lets make a difference.

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