LilTM envelope

For media and paperbacks

A cardboard envelope is a snug fit design for media items up to 30mm thick thanks to clever ‘ghost creases’. Featuring a special rigidly-protective design, using 1.8mm thick cardboard, with an easily stackable format for storage. Enabling up to 70% fewer returns, triple the envelope quantity per pallet and great reductions in product damage. 100% FSC® certified material ensures green credentials. Recommended for:

  • CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray & More
  • Books, Magazines, Maps, Prints, Photo Enlargements & Plenty More
  • Computer Games, Small Electricals & Other Small Items
  • Corporate Reports,Brochures, Documents and photo books

Our cardboard envelopes are tried, tested and found superior by the internet’s largest retailers. For “large letter” and “letter” compliant postal envelopes made from quality FSC® certified cardboard with frustration free red-ripper opening strip and fast peel and seal closure. Our clever envelopes come complete with capacity “ghost creases” which enable them to expand to carry thicker items and also include built in impact protection thanks to the extra thick glue seams.

Did you know 65% of online retailers report failed deliveries as the biggest cost to their business? Our Lil cardboard envelope has been proven to significantly reduce returns and failed deliveries by the internet’s biggest retailer and has been quoted as their “…single biggest operational cost saving exercise”.

If you’re searching for an envelope that leads the pack in terms quality and reliability (and is a significant eco-friendly upgrade over board backed envelopes and bubble mailers) – look no further!

  • A-CD cardboard CD envelopes amazon style CD mailers

    A-CD Envelope

    180 x 164 mm

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  • A1 cardboard DVD mailers cheap DVD envelopes

    A1 Envelope

    235 x 180 mm

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  • paperback book packaging comic book cardboard envelopes

    A194 Envelope

    292 x 194 mm

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  • childrens book mailers picture book envelopes

    A194+ Envelope

    292 x 234 mm

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  • comic book mailers amazon style DVD envelopes

    A2 Envelope

    334 x 234 mm

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  • A3 Envelope

    352 x 249 mm

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  • big book packaging sheet music envelopes cardboard envelopes

    A4 Envelope

    400 x 278 mm

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  • letter sized cardboard envelope

    NEW! A-LTR

    239 x 164 mm

    from £0.123 each excl VAT Buy now
  • A2 cardboard envelopes A2 envelopes

    NEW! A7 Envelope (fits A2!)

    626 x 451 mm

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  • A5 Envelope

    448 x 328 mm

    from £0.284 each excl VAT Buy now