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For health & beauty

For health & beauty packaging, with their high-speed popup base design, our Crashlock range provides a great look. Featuring a tear-strip opening, sealed with hot-melt peel ‘n’ seal adhesive, this is a high quality, 100% recyclable, FSC® certified, environmentally friendly packaging option. Recommended for:

  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Foodservice & Catering Products
  • High-Speed Fulfilment Operation

  1. M170 Crashlock

    M170 Crashlock

    195 x 170 x 135 mm
    From £0.557 each (ex vat)
  2. MGT Crashlock Mug Box

    MGT Crashlock Mug Box

    120 x 117 x 135 mm
    From £0.483 each (ex vat)
  3. M1C


    220 x 135 x 90 mm
    From £0.420 each (ex vat)