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High Quality Ecommerce Postal Packaging

The Lil Product Family - for the best value packaging solutions on the market, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find the UK’s most comprehensive range of cardboard boxes, protective envelopes, book wraps (aka postal wraps), letterbox friendly boxes and more. All optimised for all your e-commerce business needs. With styles that save on space and match postal sizing limits (including Royal Mail), extra delivery costs won’t be a concern either!

  • Bag

    NEW! Scalable, sustainable, affordable and made in-house. Designed for ecommerce, and perfect for shipping fashion items, these are the ideal solution for fashion brands looking to reduce plastics from their ecommerce operations.

    for eco fashion

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  • Vinyl Record Mailers

    Perfect for shipping LP 12″ and 6" vinyl records. Our vinyl mailers are designed to reduce packaging, transport and postage costs. Superior strength kraft corrugated material with no need for stiffeners or corner protection, proven to pack 25% faster.

    for safely mailing vinyl records

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  • Royal Mail Maximisers

    Our range of Royal Mail Large Letter and Small Parcel mailers have been designed specifically to give the maximum delivery space, yet still fall within the small parcel and large letter delivery rate.

    for postal efficiency

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  • Envelope

    Rigid envelopes for when you need protective, letterbox friendly and light-weight packaging. Our most popular range!

    for media and paperbacks

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  • Bookwrap

    Buffer-edge, rigid protection for larger and multiple orders - from hardbacks and box sets to rare vinyl and canvas frames.

    for hardbacks & media

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  • Mailbox

    Perfect protection for sending fashion items such as jewellery, clothing, handbags and shoes. They're quick to assemble, sturdy and available at a low price...

    for fashion

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  • Flatpack

    Flatpacks happily embrace delicate flat items such as vinyl records, photobooks and fine art materials. Featuring stiffened corners and a sturdy design.

    for flat items

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  • Breezebox

    Our ingenious patented box features cleverly integrated tissue. It has just enough adhesion to securely wrap and protect whatever is inside and safeguards everything in sophisticated style.

    for beautiful products

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  • Twistwrap

    Extensively researched in six key sizes, these innovative boxes package over 90% of all toys and games.

    for toys

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  • Letterbox

    If you're looking for letterbox friendly confirmed deliveries, this box range is for you!

    for large letter

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  • Crashlock

    Seriously fast to pack and used for over 80% of online health and beauty sales. Great for food related products too.

    for health & beauty

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  • Cardboard boxes

    Extensively researched to take over 90% of items bought on the internet. Variable depth for all sizes deeper than 6 inches for a really snug fit.

    for everything

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  • Tape

    We are the first to have developed a tape gun and tape specifically for e-commerce. Our hot melt tape comes in 150m rolls with 90% instant grab adhesion and 90% faster to dispense than industry standard.

    for internet retail

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Lil Essentials Range of Cardboard Boxes

Choose from a selection of 100% recyclable, single and double walled cardboard boxes. Our extensive range provides more e-commerce packaging and shipping solutions than anyone else online, to suit every product and need. All our boxes are 100% FSC certified and at least 20% stronger than the industry standard, for total protection at an unbeatable price.

Pizza style mailing boxes
Single wall cardboard boxes
long cardboard box
Double wall cardboard boxes