Lil Mailers

Quick, tough, versatile

Super tough Vinyl Record Mailers

Utilizing our CLP vinyl record mailers instead of a huge box filled with bubble wrap enables six distinct 12" vinyl LPs to fit into one package. By delivering them this way, you can reduce the amount of packages you ship, lower your packaging warehousing needs, and give your clients the choice to save on packaging waste as well. It also works well with just one vinyl record, thanks to its adjustable height.

Quick-to-pack vinyl record packaging

These mailers are over 25% faster to pack on average (we've witnessed CLPs packed in well under 6 seconds!!) because to our tried and true high-tac adhesive strip paired with quick-to-peel overhanging release paper.

Highly reviewed
Tried and tested

Used by Europe's largest music publishers and distributors.

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