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Deborah Lill Nov 24, 2016 Ecommerce, Lil News

If you buy no other packaging during this peak period…make sure it’s the Lil E5-SP. One of the most efficiently sized cardboard boxes in the whole of our Lil range. Why?

Well…when it comes to getting the most ‘contained’ product through Royal Mail’s small parcel size limit (packages not exceeding: Length: 45cm Width: 35cm Depth: 16cm Weight limit: 2kg), the E5-SP cardboard box is the best value option you’ll find.

With measurements of  445 x 345 x 155mm (17.5 x 13.5 x 6.1″ ) the E5-SP Cardboard Box is perfectly proportioned to accommodate personalised crafts, picture frames, cushions, DVD players, hair dryers, computer consoles, clothing, bags and many other gifts and retail items where your objective is to fit as much as possible into the Royal Mail, small parcel tariff.

It’s not just fantastically sized…after some extensive research, we are able to boast that our E5-SP is also BCT stamped to prove it is over 20% stronger than industry standard* (material strength Box Compression Tested) and FSC™ certified as environmentally sustainable.

So…to keep your postal costs as low as possible this peak period, while having the ability to send out multiple, efficiently packed products…put your trust (and everything else) in the Lil E5-SP Cardboard Box.

Visit our Royal Mail Maximisers page to view our premium range of optimised mailers, designed to save you money on postage and ensure your product arrives in perfect condition.

*industry standard box material is single wall 125gsm Kraft lined B flute which has a BCT value of only 1270N.

Click here for the full specification of the E5-SP Cardboard Box

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