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  1. A194 Envelope

    A194 Envelope

    292 x 194 mm
    From £0.46
  2. C1 Bukwrap

    C1 Bukwrap

    216 x 55 x 154 mm
    From £0.79
  3. C2 Bukwrap

    C2 Bukwrap

    260 x 70 x 175 mm
    From £0.99
  4. C3 Bukwrap

    C3 Bukwrap

    311 x 50 x 240 mm
    From £1.21
  5. C4 Bukwrap

    C4 Bukwrap

    326 x 70 x 280 mm
    From £1.47
  6. C5 Bukwrap

    C5 Bukwrap

    415 x 100 x 355 mm
    From £2.65
  7. C6 Bukwrap

    C6 Bukwrap

    540 x 140 x 330 mm
    From £3.50
  8. C-COM Bukwrap

    C-COM Bukwrap

    285 x 40 x 195 mm
    From £1.08


Lil envelope

Featuring a special rigidly-protective design, with an easily stackable format for storage. Enabling up to 70% fewer returns, triple the envelope quantity per pallet vs bubble mailers and substantial reductions in product damage reported by the UK’s biggest online seller. 100% FSC® certified material ensures green credentials.

Lil flatpack

We manufacture Vinyl Record Mailers for Europe’s biggest online sellers – super stiff, quick to pack with frustration free opening. This is the best way to mail Vinyl safely in the post! Buy direct from our online shop today. While you here, be sure to check out our latest case study featuring our FLP and bukwrap mailers custom printed for Rough Trade Records.

Lil bukwrap

Featuring variable-depth design, high-strength corrugated kraft board with buffer edge protection – our bukwrap postal wraps are super flexible, easy to store and offer super-fast packing. Combined with our unique combination of hot-melt fast peel ‘n’ seal system and easy-tear opening strips – they offer the perfect combination of lightning quick packing speed and superior unboxing experiences (check out the videos below).