MB5 Mailbag

400 x 540 x mm
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The MB5 is a gloss white mailbag perfect for posting medium size non-fragile items such as fashion, jumpers and fleeces. If you need polythene mailing bags or low-cost packaging with a professional edge, use this!
1-9 £0.40 each (ex vat)
  • Weight21g
  • Qty box500
  • Qty pallet35000
  • 10+ £0.28 save 31%
  • 25+ £0.27 save 33%
  • 50+ £0.26 save 36%
  • 100+ £0.25 save 38%
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The NEW Lil Mail bag, polythene mailing bags range is perfect for mailing non-fragile items in a cost-effective and useful way.

The MB5 poly mail bags are 400mm x 540mm in dimension, perfect for soft clothing items such as fleeces, jumpers . They can be used to cover existing postal ready retail box packaging and as they are double ply and have a privacy black out layer to add a level of security you don't always get with inferior mail bags.

Our range provides options in all of the key mailer sizes you know and love. Manufactured in high-grade 50 micron co-extruded material, our mailbag design is tough, durable and weatherproof - maximising the chances of your product arriving safely and unopened. The polypropylene material provides excellent strength against stretching and a high level of tear resistance. Any Lil Mailbags you purchase, including these poly mail bags will come equipped with a strong peel & seal strip, ensuring that they are quick and easy to pack and seal in no time at all. Our stock Lil Mailbag range comes only in a gloss white, with a black interior, therefore these polybags are 100% opaque.

We've performed the research for you about the best type of mailbags you should be using - and our specification represents exactly what our research told us. That you want a durable, attractive, cost-effective and professional looking opaque mailbag to deliver your products safely and securely within.
  • These polythene mailing bags are ideal for non-fragile medium sized items.
  • Customise your mailbag with our bespoke design and print service.
  • We suggest using cardboard mailers for fragile items - we strongly advise against using these mailbags for anything potentially fragile.

Your packaging is the first time that your customer will physically experience your product. Getting it right is your chance to make the best first impression. We help you do just that. With a clear understanding of what you need, we use our knowledge and expertise to guide you to the most appropriate solutions. It's about delivering unrivalled service. Over 98% of our orders are dispatched within 24 hours. We hold vast quantities of our products in stock for your convenience.
These mailing bags represent the best quality on the market - if you're looking to truly upgrade your unboxing experience, we always recommend checking out our range of high quality ecommerce and postal packaging for Fashion.
Color Brown Corrugated
Height 1
Internal Width MM 400
Width (mm) 301 - 400
Internal Length MM 540
Length (mm) 501 - 600
Item Thickness 50 micron
Item Weight (g) 21
Quantity per Box/Pack 500
Quantity per pallet 35000
Width 400
  • 100% recyclable

  • peel 'n' seal

  • supplied form boxed