It’s 2018 and vaping is still trending… yet another booming subscription business model

Nathaniel Calvert Mar 16, 2018 Ecommerce

We spoke about the trending interest in the subscription business model in our last article on ways to grow a floristry business online, and vaping interest growth has almost doubled that trend in terms of percentage growth attained over the past 5 years. The trend on eCigarettes and vaping is still growing strong well into 2018 and shows no signs…

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How to setup a subscription flower business – growing a floristry business online

Nathaniel Calvert Feb 16, 2018 Ecommerce

Looking for an easy way to grow your floristry business online? Quick Answer: Subscription boxes! It's no secret that interest in the subscription business model has increased dramatically over the past 5 years and it's been labelled as a "disruptive industry" by the likes of Forbes. What is less known however is that interest in the search term "subscription flowers"…

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Valentine’s Day 2018 – will your postal packaging show the love?

Nathaniel Calvert Feb 7, 2018 Ecommerce

It's very easy to think that Valentines Day 2018 is just another sham. Boring, damaged, crusty washed-out brown and grey packages will litter doormats all over the world. Presents that after delivery provide an uninspiring and completely unromantic setting whilst awaiting being opened. If you like unexpected surprises, because what's inside is great, then that's fine.  But if you like…

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How to ship Vinyl Records – a Video guide

Nathaniel Calvert Jan 25, 2018 Ecommerce

Looking for vinyl record packaging? Look no further! Read our informative how-to-guide here which is jam packed with the do's and don'ts of safely shipping out vinyl records in the post, or alternatively watch our video below for more information on our best seller, the Lil FLP flatpack vinyl record packaging. View the full range of mailers designed for posting…

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Customers ‘Unboxing Experience’ – ecommerce packaging 101

Nathaniel Calvert Nov 23, 2017 Ecommerce

With the Christmas peak period, and the key shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, you’re going to need every trick in the book to make sure your e-commerce operation gets found first, engages best, and generally wins the internet. Perfecting your customers' unboxing experience needs to be high on the agenda By now you’ll all be tired…

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Do they live up to the hype?

Deborah Lill Nov 3, 2016 Ecommerce

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is here to stay! We’re going to have to face it… Black Friday & Cyber Monday are both here to stay, at least until the next big shopping trend comes along. Things have rapidly moved along now since Amazon introduced the idea from the U.S. several years ago, with both the complexity and…

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Jewellery Packaging: Is your internet packaging providing an invaluable unboxing experience?

Deborah Lill Aug 18, 2016 Ecommerce

How do you replicate the customer experience of buying a quality item in the jewellers, to an online purchase? You assume that the customer will order time and time again just due to the reputation of your quality product. Jewellery packaging is key in the product purchase and customer retention journey (learn about the effect known as "cognitive dissonance" in…

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Internet Retailing Conference 2016 – See you there!

Deborah Lill Aug 11, 2016 Ecommerce, Lil News

Lil Packaging will be exhibiting at the Internet Retailing Conference 2016 on the 12th of October, on stand 17. Having exhibited at IRC2015, we find this event to be a really interesting, professional and engaging experience. Here's the brief from their website: [lil_quote cite="Internet Retailing Conference 2016 website" url=""]Now into its second decade at the forefront of multichannel, our 11th Annual…

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Shipping boxed toys? Twistwrap: The cost effective alternative to voidfill!

Deborah Lill Jun 22, 2016 Ecommerce, Packaging Geekery

Are you looking for cost effective packaging? You are probably like countless other retailers that are unsure of the options available when shipping boxed toys, while spending huge amounts per year in ‘over packaging’. In the article “How to ship boxed toys”, they suggest collecting tape, bubble wrap, boxes and scissors. Although they quite rightly suggest putting the items to…

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Vape: A market destined for mail-order shipping…

Deborah Lill Feb 10, 2016 Ecommerce

When ECigs (electronic cigarettes) and the 'Vape' phenomenon (vapour inhalation technology) appeared some years ago, smoking was in a steady decline.  The tobacco corporations were suffering, and smoking was becoming a 'pariah' activity in most social circles.  Ecigs and Vaping changed all of that.  With explosive growth to around £6bn globally at the end of 2015, the industry has taken…

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How E-Tailers get ahead on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Deborah Lill Sep 22, 2015 Ecommerce

Black Friday 2015 Date: 27th November Cyber Monday 2015 Date: 30th November Like many other ideas that have travelled across the Atlantic to the UK, Black Friday & Cyber Monday have been snapped up with enthusiasm by the British shopping public. The UK online trading community was initially slow to react, and slower to cope – but the signs for…

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Packaging Void fill – A waste of space?

Deborah Lill Sep 22, 2015 Ecommerce

In this article we’re going to talk about “That which we do not speak of.” Yes, one of the great unmentionables in the packaging industry is that of packaging void fill. The stuff that dispatchers will pack into boxes, crates, packages, packs and more to stop your precious product from rattling about or minimise the chances of it suffering impact…

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