Our Standards.

Below is a small section to a big standard

All materials are sustainably sourced

Environmental responsibility is not just a commitment, it is a way of life. As a
family business, we care about making sure there is a world for our children and
grandchildren. For this reason, we produce every Lil product from internationally
certified forests that meet the strict requirements of FSC® or PEFC. As a farmed
resource, at least 2 trees are planted for every 1 that is cut down.

Process improvements

Materials are just one part of our environmental impact. In 2007 we dedicated
a team of staff to ensure we added ISO 14001 to our list of accreditations. This
regularly assesses our impact on the environment and we have to prove year on year
improvement to keep it. We say “our products are so green, they’re brown.”

Quality is a given

As owners of the company, Barry and Fred Lill proudly give their surname to
our brand and this heightens our desire to ensure our products exceed your
expectations. To defend our name and reputation, we have a strict quality procedure,
certified to ISO 9001, which gives us full traceability to quickly identify the root cause
of any defect product and put preventative actions in place to ensure the fault does
not re-occur.

World class manufacturing

Cost will always be a major factor in all purchasing considerations, which is why we
continue to improve our operational efficiencies through World Class Manufacturing
techniques. Lean, 5C and Total Preventative Maintenance are just some of the
techniques already implemented to ensure we continue to offer cost efficient

Experts in postal packaging

We know postal packaging. Whether it’s the most cost-efficient way to mail a
DVD, book, shirt or toy, we have the knowledge and experience to get the right
solution for you. We are certified with Supply chain excellence by the Book Industry

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