For maximising the Royal Mail postal tariff

Are you mailing products and getting stung by high tariff charges? Royal Mail packaging SAVE BIG MONEY by maximising the Royal Mail “Small Parcel” and “Large Letter” tariffs with our Royal Mail Maximisers. Quality kraft mailers designed specifically to maximise delivery and minimise on postal costs. Trusted by the biggest internet retailers, all of our products are available to buy direct with no minimum order quantity.

  1. A3 Envelope

    A3 Envelope

    352 x 249 mm
    From £0.63
  2. A5 Envelope

    A5 Envelope

    448 x 328 mm
    From £0.88
  3. C3 Bukwrap

    C3 Bukwrap

    311 x 50 x 240 mm
    From £1.21
  4. F5 Flatpack

    F5 Flatpack

    445 x 325 mm
    From £1.46
  5. SL3 Letterbox

    SL3 Letterbox

    340 x 22 x 245 mm