Your company's narrative may be told through packaging.

It isn't just us at Lil who believe that each and every single firm in our vast universe may profit from modernising existing packaging. Nevertheless, we've found that not everyone enjoys playing with cardboard boxes as much as we do. E-commerce packaging is all too frequently disregarded and dismissed as a minor aspect of the retail industry. But believe us when we say that if the business doesn't pay enough attention to this critical aspect of your business, you're doing yourself a disservice; there's some extremely smart logic behind evaluating every element of your custom packaging.

Packaging is a style of expression.

Don't accept our word for it; packaging is indeed a creative process within itself. Several well brands devote so much consideration towards their packaging because they do to their contents. Consider, for instance, the most powerful among them all: Apple, the colossus, the monster, the real Jedi knight of both excellent advertising and quality item: Apple.

So when iPhone 3 was first released, Steve Jobs, who is renowned his meticulous attention to detail, felt very strongly that the typical phone packaging was just too big & improper; it all just simply doesn't fit the aesthetic appeal from one of its greatest sought product - the iPhone. Steve would want to psychologically engage the buyer, but he also wished Apple to be unique in what we really know is a highly competitive sector. His intense essence and intense focus upon each tiny facet could perhaps strike a few of those of us as over the pinnacle and condescending, but he wish to participate the customer emotional level but he also wanted Apple to stand out from the pack in what we really know is indeed a highly competitive market.

Apple was at the forefront of the packaging boom.

Walter Isaacson, Steve's coworker, has already been reported as claiming that he and Steve spent many hours perfecting Apple's packaging. Thousands of samples were lost in the pursuit of the optimal box design. Researchers experimented with and constructed an apparently endless assortment of arrows, colours, and tapes before settling on one single tab. We suggest Adam Lashinsky's book "Inside Apple" if you're curious to learn more about their journey. Steve and Walter laboured for weeks to design a "ritual of unpacking" to promote their business feel much more unique, according to Lashinksky. Understanding that its product, the iPhone, is in high demand

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