World Oceans Day - Why it Matters

Worlds Ocean Day

The world is covered by a giant mantle of dark blue water; home to many wildlife species and the ocean's largest living ecosystem. It is home also to the world's oldest inhabited region: the tropical Pacific Ocean. Covering 66% of our home; the oceans are essential for our future.

World Oceans Day celebrates the oceans and therefore is the critical part in our lives.

Why the ocean is vital to our existence.

Oceans are simply vital to our existence. they supply a dependable and fertile food source, and provide all life on Earth. The water itself contains numerous minerals, various varieties of life, and lots of life that were alive before the planet formed. If you'll imagine life anywhere, it’s pretty safe to say you'll imagine it in the ocean. Just take a minute to believe what would happen if all the species on Earth suddenly ceased to exist and died. What would we do? attempt to imagine life without water. Go ahead. We’ll wait. We’re just getting started on the numerous negatives life without our oceans provides. The ocean has the potential to vary our planet in some ways. It's like everything that happens on the planet features an instantaneous effect on the ocean.

Due to decades of overuse and the rise of single-use plastics, it has caused a global environmental disaster. Plastic straws and plastic bags are entering the ocean and causing serious damage. World Oceans Day provides an opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the efforts that are being made to prevent plastic pollution. It is both fascinating and frustrating that each year, 13 million tonnes of plastic spill into the ocean, amongst other damage that kills 100,000 marine mammals.

Ideas for your ocean day and how to start it in a positive way!

START BY RECYCLING; that easy! simply start recycling and using any alternative that's as eco friendly as possible; that's why when it involves envelopes; we love to recommend our eco friendly envelope range here

Pick seafood that would be both safe and healthy.

Due to demand, loss of habitat and unsustainable fishing practices, the global fish population is rapidly depleting. When shopping or dining out, choosing healthy and sustainable seafood can help reduce the demand for overexploited species. or simply choose to not eat seafood.

Assist in Beach Maintenance

Always tidy up after yourself, whether you're surfing, swimming, or just simply sitting on the shore. Without messing with biodiversity or removing rocks and reefs, explore and enjoy the reef. Encourage others to respect the ocean by engaging in local beach cleanups or urging others to do so. On turtle resting beaches, switch off lights at night and encourage everyone to do the same.


We cannot treat the ocean as if it were our own personal estate and expect it to only still service us. we've to point out an equivalent respect we show to ourselves by taking time of our busy schedules to know the importance of its role in an life. Without it, we've no chance of surviving. Our ocean is during a constant state of change and evolution, and even with the simplest intentions, we cannot see or understand those changes and evolution, until we truly observe what's happening with it. Doing so may even go an extended way in correcting the past, both ashore and underwater.

Take this opportunity to broaden one's understanding and delve deeper into the topic. There are several articles and tools available to assist an individual in achieving this goal. Another suggestion is to get a group of people together to watch an ocean documentary to raise consciousness about the importance of helping the oceans.

On World Oceans Day, there are several projects and activities. Choose one or two activities to indulge in and enjoy. Instead of trying to think of activities on your own, participate in the day's events by working on other ideas that communities already arise with.

We at Lil Packaging wish for a greener future.

At Lil packaging, Worlds oceans day means the world to us; that's why we are working hard to eradicate plastics in every step of the way. If you want to join us; we suggest looking at our shop range! Lets fight this together.

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