Why should corrugated boxes be printed litho or flexo? Lil packaging eCommerce FAQs

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Flexographic printing, commonly known as Flexo, is a method of mass printing that employs flexible relief plates. Lithographic print, often known as Litho, is really a printing technique that uses unmixable ingredients including such water or oil. Everything which requires brilliant colours & therefore is produced in massive quantities is produced using lithography.

Over recent years, corrugated packaging & graphics having made great strides. Corrugated substrate were mushy & readily damaged when in a means ofprinting process, despite their durability during transportation.

And this reason, companies used to have to make do with products shipment or display boxes that have been imprinted using low-resolution graphics and text that are far less enticing to customers.

Corrugated package printing has been changed by today's modern technology and materials. These advancements, along with flexo's ever-increasing capabilities, allow marketers to employ corrugated product boxes to boost product exposure while also promoting brand recognition. This seems to be in complement to the material's lightweight and durable properties, that make it excellent for transportation.

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