Who Invented Corrugated Packaging?

This necessity to package and keep items for a longer amount of time led to the development of corrugated packaging like you understand it today.

Some backstory

In 1856, two Englishmen named Healey and Allen were granted a patent for the first documented usage of corrugated paper. Corrugated paper is passed through with a hand-cranked machine using two fluted rollers, making fluted paper lining which could be used in hats.
However, corrugated paper for headwear is such issue, while corrugated packing for goods transport is quite another.

Corrugated packaging was comprised of three or even more layers of perforated fiberboard and is a sturdy, cost-effective, yet adaptable packaging material. Corrugated boxes are constructed of linerboard, that was an flat material, plus medium, that would be fluted paper attached here between linerboard.

Why so good?

Ultimately, owing to their features of lightness, adaptability, cheap cost, or resilience, corrugated cardboard boxes proven to be a suitable packing result of knowledge in usage. Its appeal developed around the turn of the twentieth century and it has maintained unchanged to a current time, when they are associated to dependability and longevity.

Corrugated boxes may be readily dismantled , materials are stored all without compromising the packaging's structural integrity. A gain the packaging is constructed of renewable and recyclable materials like Kraft, giving this an environmentally responsible packaging alternative that buyers would love.

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