What really is Kraft Paper, exactly?

For so many firms, Kraft cartons are the best option. Their gritty aesthetic is the key sauce with a slew of clever marketing ideas. That idea they're constructed entirely of comment recyclable components is therefore the cherry on top.

Kraft packaging seem to be as attractive as it IS useful due to the high amount of product personalization available.
However, one could be surprised to learn that kraft paper is simply cardboard in the most basic form.
Kraft paper is widely used in a wide range of commercial & professional industries due to its great rip resilience, wet toughness, & sturdy properties.

Kraft boxes are indeed a wonderful place to start if you want to be green with your manufacturing. The corrugated cardboard we being used is 100 % recyclable & responsibly sustainably sourced. Hazardous procedures remain reduced to just a bare minimum as well. Employ kraft boxes to assist reduce company packaging's global effect.

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