What is the best material for minimalist eco friendly ecommerce packaging?

Inside the packaging sector, paper is by far the most common material. Paper is not only less expensive than moulded plastic, however it is much more environmentally friendly. This has little to no environmental impact and may be recycled and then used.

Papers, with the exception of plastic, bottles, cans, or Styrofoam, can be made or recycled without the use of toxic chemicals.

Kraft paper is just this!

Meet Lil Bag, our very own eco-friendly mailbag, also known as mail bags, or eco-friendly mailers, they have been specifically designed for eCommerce.

This eco friendly mailing bag is plastic-free and perfect for eco-friendly fashion brands looking to drastically reduce single-use plastic in their packaging.

Printed using plant-based, up-cycled inks - they do not contain any products derived from animals.

During the kraft process, 100 percent virgin fibre paper is used to make Kraft paper. It's recyclable, biodegradable and reusable

Our paper mailbags, which are made with kraft paper, resin-based adhesives, with soy vegetable inks, are a huge step toward eradicating plastics in internet retailing.

The kraft paper mailbags were created with shopping in mind. These kraft mailbags are recyclable, biodegradable, & eco-friendly, making them ideal for eco-conscious fashion designers trying to decrease plastic in their line-up. Our kraft paper mailbags are also printed using plant-based inks.

Because they are sent flat, they are ideal for tiny enterprises with limited storage space and for shipping out things that are unlikely to be damaged during travel, such as clothes and apparel, small fabric accessories, soft toys, and more. These mailing bags have been extensively studied, trialled, and tested in comparison to the competition, and they represent the finest of the best.

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