What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is a production technique that involves customising a die by cutting, shaping, or splitting it to create a desired shape, design, or pattern. Die cut printing is being utilized throughout the packing procedure to ensure that particular dimensions are sliced, shipped, then printed accurately.

You'll need an outline of what has to be cut so that you can create a die cut on every printed material. A dieline is used in the bespoke die cutting process at this point.

Dielines are being used to define the form and dimensions of the packing box first before cutting takes place in die cut printing. Different types of die cutting procedures exist. The one chosen for any business will rely on your individual demands and the concept for the item. The following are a few of the most prevalent methodologies:

  • Drawing: Drawing is the process of pulling material through a machine to a predetermined length. It's usually reserved for thin and/or lengthy things.
  • Coining: Coining creates circular holes in a material by applying pressured force to it. This gives the package a highly complex appearance.
  • Forming: Whenever raw material is formed on such a curved surface, it is called forming. This is typically used in combination with all your other artwork to make cylindrical shaped sections for your own bespoke packaging.

So anyone will understand, die cutting is indeed a highly adaptable approach to precisely cut, shape, and print any packaging such that the final products can indeed be repeated all without mistakes repetitively. Die cutting is also accurate, and it also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to ecommerce packaging.

Even yet, we recognise that virtually nobody is a specialist in packaging or printing. Luckily, experts at Lil packaging have always been willing to assist. We'd be glad to discuss whatever concerns you have regarding the die cutting process and how it can fit into your product packaging strategy.

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