What are FEFCO codes?

You've undoubtedly invested a significant amount of time at home trying to figure out just what FEFCO codes are. Fortunately, you won't have to waste any more mental energy on this small puzzle; we're ready to clarify anything, including the distinction among mail boxes and cardboard boxes.

The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO), a non-profit group created to represent its corrugated cardboard sector throughout Europe, such as the United Kingdom, developed the FEFCO rules. Because there were so many different designs of configurable corrugated cardboard cartons and so many different descriptions, FEFCO devised a simple but effective method for categorising them.

Every four-digit FEFCO box style code consists of a style category (first two numbers) as well as the individual box design within that group (second two digits). 0201 is the 01 style of the boxes inside the 02 category, for example (02 being slotted-type boxes). It's important to remember that glancing at a FEFCO code won't tell you how big a box is; the manufacturer will specify or agree on the size based on your specific needs.

The 0201 (cardboard box) and 0427 (postal box) are indeed the two largest regularly utilized boxes in eCommerce, and they have one common characteristic: they are both FSC® certified, recyclable, and easily recyclable. If you're using tapes to close them tight, you'll be happy to know that any glue used at Lil Packaging has the maximum possible bio-based firm produces, putting our cardboard boxes among the most eco-friendly on the market (check out our kraft paper tape). Furthermore, because all of the inks are vegetable-based, customising is a breeze.

With varied purchases, the 0201 cardboard box is ideal. It's slow to pack & takes up more pallet space since it requires a lot of tape to close, but it really is simple, practical, and very affordable. It's a simple cardboard box with no frills or frippery that can be used to mail a variety of things. It's the greatest product for smaller companies who want to take their time packaging shipments and designing its own boxes.

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