Unboxing experience - Packaging emotions

Consider a time when you're a youngster. A Christmas child, to be precise.

We couldn't relax since you know there would be anything awaiting you beneath the tree following morning. We seemed to have little clue what that was going to be, yet we knew it must be anything with our name on them.

This sensation is one that we haven't lost as adults.

The unboxing experience

Unboxing experiences are important if you really want to enhance loyalty, order value, and lifetime spend.


As a result, a positive unpacking experience is critical to the long-term success of your company.

The packaging should be simple to manage and unbox both for company employees and customers.

Employees will appreciate packaging that is simple to organize, maintain, or package. Packing your goods in time-consuming packaging can result in inconveniences, defective goods, as well as a terrible customer satisfaction.

Plan your unboxing experience with our case studies as a quick guide to how you can make the most out of packaging.

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