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These kraft paper mailbags were created with retail in mind.
Our paper mailbags, which are manufactured with kraft paper, resin-based glues, and soy vegetable inks, are a huge step toward eradicating plastic in ecommerce.

Our kraft mailbags are also reusable, sustainable, and eco-friendly, making them ideal for eco-conscious fashion designers trying to decrease plastic in their line-up. These kraft paper mailbags are also coated with plant-based inks.

Weather and water resistant kraft paper postal bags have been tested and confirmed!

We obtained the following findings using typical Cobalt Chloride humidity indicator cards put inside our kraft paper mail bags…

3 hours spent outside, right in the rain - From a baseline of 10%, internal air moisture climbed to 30%, with no evident water infiltration.
30 seconds immediately beneath a running faucet - air moisture increased to 20% from 10%, with no apparent water infiltration, from a baseline of 10%.
Water and weather damage are minimised with our Lil bag range thanks to a combination of high quality, dense, long-fibre kraft paper (which is naturally splash resistant and is pressure sealed during production) and a strong, consistent glue application along the seams (minimising the chance of leaks).

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