Step 5 - Meeting Clients Virtually

Touched upon briefly in our step-1 entry, this blogpost will focus on how we have pivoted our methods of meeting and communicating with our clients and buyers.

Unprecedented Times

The events of the past two years, with COVID-19 impacting every aspect of our lives, led to fundamental changes needing to be implemented. The threat of infection through human contact and cross contamination has rendered the activity of travelling to meet with prospective business partners impossible.

Our solution to this will be of no surprise to any company operating during these trying times: virtual meetings.

It is an undeniable boon that internet technology and video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have progressed to the point that we have now. Had we encountered a worldwide pandemic such as COVID-19 a decade earlier; all aspects of in-person communication, from schooling to business would have been thrown into chaos.

With vaccinations and distancing measures bringing about a visible end to the pandemic, it is expected that companies will soon return to pre-COVID practices. Not us.

Continuing Virtually

With our ongoing journey toward Zero Carbon by February 2022, we are constantly analysing our processes. Spotting inefficiencies and carbon savings, so that we might implement them as constant practices.

Having our eyes opened to the effectiveness of virtual meetings, there is another obvious positive to consider. We have been able to reassess the need for fleet-cars within our organisation, as a great deal of our staff with this amenity used them for attending out-of-business meetings.

As mentioned in our step-1 post, during this process we have also worked to replace the remaining carpool with electric vehicles. These adaptations have allowed us to reduce our personal vehicle carbon footprint by an amazing 90%, setting a high bar for other changes that we are striving to make internally.

Such is our enthusiasm for this greener way of meeting, we are factoring in a purpose-built facility for virtual meetings in our brand new Windover Rd HQ. We are committed to maintaining these changes, it's the only way that we can succeed on our journey to Zero Carbon.

If you are in need of bespoke packaging services with eco-friendly practices at heart, feel free to contact us!

Lil Packaging Owner/MD Fred Lill is currently exhibiting a 2021 – 2022 presentation tour based upon the points in this blog series to key figures within the industry. If you feel that siding with Lil Packaging in our journey to reach Net Zero would be an asset to your event, contact us via the following to book – [email protected]

“I truly enjoyed your presentation - everyone was raving about it and you opened a lot of eyes to the extent it was a tough act to follow and am glad I wasn't presenting after you. A job very well done. Keep up the good work!”

Dorinda Gibbons - Director - Profile Recruitment

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