Step 4 - Warm the People, Not the Space

Following our step-4 post on LED lighting implementation, which you can read here, this post is on another aspect of our internal operations that we have changed for the betterment of the environment. Along with manufacturing and supplying the finest bespoke packaging in the industry while keeping our practices and products green, the comfort and well being of our employees is of the utmost importance. 

Layer up!

It has been our policy that every single one of our Lil peeps have been provided our signature Lil green fleeces. Not only are these articles manufactured from recycled materials, providing them to our employees and giving them the option of layering up allows us to limit the use of our heating system. This in turn results in the minimising of our scope 1 (the purchase of gas) carbon footprint.

There have no doubt been situations the world over, especially in communal offices, where we can't agree on the optimal operating temperature. Should the heating be on or off? Should the windows be open or closed? The provision and utilisation of these fleeces will aid in a lot of those situations and surely lead to a happier, more comfortable workforce. All while being greener and helping us on our journey towards Zero Carbon. 

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our workforce for their enthusiastic cooperation in this endeavour. Our goal of Zero Carbon will take teamwork, so thank you!

Lil Packaging Owner/MD Fred Lill is currently exhibiting a 2021 – 2022 presentation tour based upon the points in this blog series to key figures within the industry. If you feel that siding with Lil Packaging in our journey to reach Net Zero would be an asset to your event, contact us via the following to book – [email protected]

"We have no questions, but I want to say aloud what a fantastic presentation & how very inspiring. After COP26, You're an example to us all. I mean every word."

Chris Jordan - Founder - ExEdraBridge Business Consultancy.

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