Step 2 - Implementing Power-Down Policies in the Bespoke Packaging Industry

In our previous blog, we discussed the ways in which we are managing the transportation aspect of our operations in the interest of having a minimal carbon footprint. These are matters that all manufacturing and supply businesses are having to put considerable effort towards in making them greener. When it comes to the production of our products, a potential avenue toward achieving Zero Carbon can be found in our habits at home.


It has long been known that the practice of leaving devices such as televisions on standby or idling for extended periods of time is incredibly wasteful and costly. The simple methodology of isolating power from an appliance when it is not being used is an easy, non-obtrusive and ultimately free way of limiting your carbon footprint. This can apply to the fundamental power-consuming aspects of the workplace as well. If a computer isn’t being used and the monitor is on standby, turn it off. If a workspace isn’t going to be used for an extended period of time, consider fully isolating electronic equipment. The more thought you put into this process, the greater the power-savings are that can be made.

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 - 2021, we took the suggested action of limiting the touching of surfaces and converted our toilet and kitchenette lighting to motion-activated systems. Not only would this limit the possibility of contagion through surface contact, but ensure that lighting would only be activated when needed. We are currently working on adapting other, less commonly used areas of our facilities to this same system.


Like many other companies, it has been our policy for many years to power-down our office facilities outside of our 9 - 5 work-day. Lil Packaging's manufacturing operates on a 5 day work week (24hrs, Mon-Fri), completely shutting down for the weekend. This allows us to isolate machinery for entire days, meaning for 2 days a week, we are consuming zero electricity.

It is no surprise that the power consumption of the average workplace is dwarfed by that of the manufacturing industry. We rely on various pieces of heavy machinery to produce our product range on a scale that can satisfy our clients. From cutting to printing, gluing to internal transportation via forklifts, there is ample opportunity to implement simple power-down policies, saving energy in massive amounts.

We are very excited about our future plan to implement electrical metering on each piece of machinery at our new Windover Rd HQ. Look forward to part 14 of this blog series to learn more!

 “This will be a pivotal moment for Lil as we learn exactly where every watt is consumed in our manufacturing processes such that we can reduce & remedy.”

Barry Lill - Owner/Managing Director - Lil Packaging

This is just one way in which we are working toward our goal of Zero Carbon by February, 2022. In the coming weeks we will be going over the myriad other efforts that we are making. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be alerted to the publication of our future posts!

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Lil Packaging Owner/MD Fred Lill is currently exhibiting a 2021 – 2022 presentation tour based upon the points in this blog series to key figures within the industry. If you feel that siding with Lil Packaging in our journey to reach Net Zero would be an asset to your event, contact us via the following to book – [email protected]

“Fantastic, inspiring presentation which I very much enjoyed. Quite frankly, it blew me away!! It is now my intention to dive deeper into this subject so that I may offer more sustainable options to my brand and PSP clients.

Alan Lawlor – Managing Director – Idealliance Europe

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