Step 1 - The Impact of Transport on the Bespoke Packaging Industry


A focus on being eco-friendly is no secret at Lil Packaging, we pride ourselves with manufacturing and supplying the most sustainable solutions for packaging in the marketplace. Certified Plastic Free alternatives to bubble mailers and cardboard boxes, such as Lil Envelopes, Bukwraps, Breezeboxes and Kraft Bags have been a breakthrough for ecommerce operations who desired the opportunity to go eco-friendly. Although, our efforts aren’t exclusive to offering effective, competitive and fully biodegradable alternatives to unsustainable choices. There’s far more that we are doing behind the scenes to ensure that we are having a positive impact on the Earth.

With COP26 just past, we here at Lil think it would be a great idea to bring our customers up to speed with everything that we are doing as a company to ensure we achieve our goal of Zero Carbon by 2030. This blog is the first of a 14-part series, each detailing a way in which we are taking action and striving to make ourselves more ecologically streamlined.


With our place in the e-commerce supply-chain, the haulage of our products from the place of manufacture (our purpose-built facility in Cambridgeshire) to our customers would no doubt be a significant contribution to our total carbon footprint. For this reason, step-1 in our journey has been a focus on how we handle the transportation aspect of our operations. The negative impact of transporting our products is multi-faceted, as not only do trucks and vans emit pollutants such as carbon-dioxide, but their very operation relies upon the extraction of fossil fuels from the earth. A process rife with opportunities for ecological damage in wildlife habitat destruction, pollution of the ocean and the operation of heavy machinery such as oil rigs, pipelines and fracking. The further consumption of natural resources in this process really does result in a vicious cycle.

While we pride ourselves in designing, manufacturing and supplying industry-leading and eco-friendly packaging, we are not experts in the intricacies of running a transportation business in the most eco-conscious manner possible. That task is surely best entrusted to those in charge of positive change within that specific sector.

For this reason, minimizing the use of combustion engines within our internal logistics has been a primary concern. As a response to this, we do not have a fleet of trucks for deliveries and have instead employed the use of third-party haulage contractors who are also doing their part. Maximizing load efficiency, green vehicle upgrades/maintenance/replacements, fuel-conscious driver training, and utilisation of GPS software to optimise routes, resulting in fewer trips and therefore, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. More information on lessening the ecological impact of haulage can be found here and here:


In the day-to-day lives of our employees, the combustion engine is not easily avoided for commutes and business duties that require travel. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021 and the new focus on meeting with clients digitally has allowed us to reassess the need for company cars and the potential of replacing those that are required with electric, green alternatives. As well as this, employees have been encouraged to utilise other means of transportation, such as rail and coach to attend out-of-business activities. These actions have resulted in the eradicating our company milage in terms of fumes and emissions by 90%; a figure that we are incredibly proud of and has made a huge difference in our journey toward Zero Carbon.

This is only the first way in which we are achieving our eco-goals, please stay tuned in the coming weeks to read about other ways in which we are making a difference. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be alerted to new blogposts!

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Lil Packaging Owner/MD Fred Lill is currently exhibiting a 2021 – 2022 presentation tour based upon the points in this blog series to key figures within the industry. If you feel that siding with Lil Packaging in our journey to reach Net Zero would be an asset to your event, contact us via the following to book – [email protected]

“I truly enjoyed your presentation - everyone was raving about it and you opened a lot of eyes to the extent it was a tough act to follow and am glad I wasn't presenting after you. A job very well done. Keep up the good work!”

Dorinda Gibbons - Director - Profile Recruitment

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