Shoppers remain perplexed by sustainable packaging.

With the existing labelling system for plastic packaging, there is indeed a lot of uncertainty amongst customers. Every one of the participants said the emblems are not really distinct enough, as well as the bulk of them said they have not enough information about how to dispose of such packaging. That's why Lil packaging are making drastic changes for our current packaging.

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Mid 2021 results to 2022


UK Bio-Based & Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA) carried out a series of "vox pops" among customers throughout the United Kingdom during 2021. Among packaging suppliers, these findings are disturbing.

While the signs for 'recyclable' & 'against dumping' are very well-known, with over 90% accurately recognising them, just 10% of the total; among those polled could recognise the biodegradable tag.

The recycled and renewable packaging industry is implementing some smarter techniques in order to remain competitive in the face of rising market growth. Communication and collaboration among well known businesses have already been witnessed in plan to enlarge their variety of products and penetrate new markets. Companies use successful marketing and branding techniques to maintain the positioning of their goods in a competitive market.

Sustainable packaging, according to the industry leaders and customers, must offer more importance to the brand and redress the balances in addition to making the packaging sector more reliable and resilient.

Plastic packaging is subject to a £200 per tonne tax in the United Kingdom.

From April 1, 2022, the United Kingdom will implement a new plastic packaging tax. Whether you've made or imported 10 tonnes or more of completed plastic packaging materials in the previous 12 months, or plan to do this in the following 30 days, you'll have to enroll under "PlasticTAA".

Businesses must evaluate if they'll be obligated to pay the PPT in reverence of just about any plastic packaging which does not fulfil the 30% threshold before April, & even if they are not, they must take into account what measures should be taken to make sure that they too are not associated in a distribution chain in which the PPT also isn't paid by others.

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