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Have you ever seen these quite attractive cardboard envelopes holding CDs, books, posters, as well as any other items which arrive through the door? Visitors remember, those cardboard ones that expand? Now, there seems to be a decent possibility they'll be among ours when they arrive at your door.

Whatever sets our cardboard envelopes apart is that they've been always developed based on input from the real-world internet retailers, including several largest! If we find a solution today, there's a good possibility it'll be adopted within four weeks of successful testing.


Are you looking for high-quality CD envelopes made of cardboard? The A-CD envelopes are Amazon-style CD mailers that offer the much more cost-effective security for your CDs while they travel via the mail. Your consumers will be able to open the appealing packaging and get their CDs in the same state that you gave them, thanks to the strong, flawless look.


These Lil A1 DVD envelopes are compatible with all DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and video games. Save on postage shipping expenses by squeezing more through "Large Letter" utilising a Lil A1 DVD envelope whether you're mailing DVD boxed sets and books in a D1 sized bubble envelopes or even a dimension 1 Jiffy bag mailer.


If you're looking for the highest hardback book packaging and comic book cardboard envelopes, you've come to the right place. The Lil A194 envelope is a cardboard book mailer that offers the much more cost-effective shipping alternatives for paperback books and magazines with up to 500 pages (usually 200mm x 130mm x 24mm) that are being sent through the postal system. Customers should be able to access the specialist packaging to get their novels in the condition they were delivered in, owing to its appealing and robust natural appearance. The A194 envelopes were composed of 450 gsm stiff and robust paper with unique folds all around borders can provide shock absorbent & reduce the danger of breakage. For simple closing and releasing, the envelope has our industry-leading peel'n'seal / tear-strip mechanism.


If you're looking for comic book mailers or DVD packaging, you've come to the right place. The Lil A2 envelope is one of the A4-sized Amazon style DVD envelopes, and it's ideal for mailing A4 brochures, comics, calendars, side-by-side DVDs, 12"x8" pictures, and more. Customers will be able to open this efficient packaging, which has a durable natural finish, to receive their things in the condition that they anticipate. The A2 envelopes are comprised of a highly tough 450 gsm paper with unique folds around the edges to provide impact protection and reduce the danger of damage. For easy sealing and opening, these comic book mailers utilise our leading peel'n'seal / tear-strip method. All of the envelopes in our line are produced entirely of recycled materials and are completely recyclable.


Searching for a big postal envelope that fits the Royal Mail's 353 x 250 x 25mm large letter maximum size? Within our cardboard envelope assortment, this Lil A3 is a big letter mailer. These envelopes are ideal for sending A4 brochures, calendars, DVDs, pictures, photo frames, and other items through the mail. Customers will open this effective packaging to receive their items in the state in which they purchased them, thanks to its appealing 'kraft' finish. The A3 big letter envelopes are constructed of 450 gsm stiff paper with carefully engineered folds that give impact protection around the edges, reducing the danger of damage. For simple sealing and opening, the envelope has our industry-leading peel'n'seal / tear-strip mechanism.

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