Product logo and why you should care

Your ecommerce business identity

your own company's identity is its logo.

A logo's worth is determined by its continuity, much like a signature's.

Establish criteria for just how you utilise the logo, such as where you put it, if you really want your consumers to recognize company image.

Allow the logo to breaaatthe

Allow the logo room to breathe if you want something noticed.
Free space, also called the "safety zone", or padding, is by far the most crucial part of your logo requirements on brand logo position.
Logos exist in a variety of forms & dimensions, but also almost all adhere to same basic rule of open space. If your logo is already on product packaging, a laminated card, or a store sign, you must strive for a border that is 10% of the full width on the logo at any and all occasions.

Users will be able to notice and memorize business logos if it is shown in a strong and coherent manner. Being able to create a better image of your business each time a customer receives their purchase with aid of your logo standards.


Where you position your logo might also serve with and against your brand image, depending on the message you want to portray.
Consumers adore centre asymmetry, which is why it's among the most important design concepts. Having your logo inside the middle of the package is indeed an simple way to establish harmony in your product packaging. The symmetrical appearance is attractive to the eye & easy to identify, if you want to make a strong first impact using your symbol.

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