Packaging terms and why you should know them.

Have you ever had trouble understanding your packaging developer? Have you really become engrossed in scientific language which you don't understand? Perhaps simply hoped for everything to be described in clear English?

Aside from technical words, this also covers a broad range of company, item, or procedure terms that you're not really familiar with, everything in one easy-to-use reference book.

Thus, in addition to gaining a detailed description of a diverse variety of packaging words, you may use to improve in the future your personal packaging expertise.

Here are a few terms to see

Blind embossing:

Is a technique for impressing (raising) a particular provision including a symbol without ever using metallic leaf or ink. It competitive intensity an piece of paper through two dies to achieve the desired result.

Board Grain Direction:

Stretching a carton board reveals the direction of its fibres. The flowing grain orientation is the one with low resistance.


Its acronym represents Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black in a colour model (K).

Cut and Crease:

A method of cutting printed materials in desired shape and size then creasing it to give perfect fold marks using a die.


An image that has been pressed into a board and lies underneath the optimal viewing exterior.


Dots Per Inch is a word that describes overall sharpness of such an external device like a printer or even a printing press machine. On something like a laser printer, print resolution ranges from 300 to 1200 DPI, while photographic images on a print brochure have a resolution of 125 to 225 DPI. Desktop laser printers have a 300 dpi output, moderate printers get a 600 dpi output, while image setters have just a 1270-2540 dpi output.


A technique of lifting letters and designs above the board's optimal viewing surface.

FEFCO Case Codes:

The corrugated industry uses a set of common standard principles.


This phrase refers to the conventional measurement of board weight, which is grammes per square metre.


To retain your goods, whatever form of chipboard, vac-form, or foam can be inserted or affixed into a box.

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