Packaging tax - Why you should care and more

Packaging tax

All enterprises who produce or imported 10 tons more than of packaging inside a period of 12 months, includes plastic packaging that has previously been packed with products, would be required to be registered to HMRC & pay for the tax beginning April 1, 2022.

Once a company is responsible again for tax, it must retain accounting and documents to support the assertions it makes about its plastic packaging. Businesses will be required to file a quarterly statement to HMRC spanning an accounting cycle.

But if you're a manufacturer or distributor of plastic packaging, then you really should visit GOV.UK & follow the eight steps to see if you have to register for PPT before April 1. Organizations that manufacture or import and over 10 tons of plastic packaging through into UK each year must register with HMRC through its web platform GOV.UK, that will debut on April 1st. Companies will also have 30 days first from moment they are obliged to apply again for tax.

The new guidelines, which were announced in 2018, are set to take effect on April 1, 2022.

Every company producing or exports 10 tonnes upwards of of plastic packaging per year which contains less than 30 percent recycled plastic will be charged £200 per tonne.

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