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Vinyl packaging at Lil packaging

Our square envelopes were created to securely and safely send up to three 7" Vinyl EPs through to the mail without any need for additional packaging. The F-EP is made of 150 gsm 'Kraft' e-flute corrugated cardboard, which is much sturdier than some other vinyl mailers.

For simple sealing & opening, each vinyl flatpack in our collection features our industry-leading hot melt peel'n'seal and tear-strip technique. Furthermore, they are all FSC® certified / PEFC certified and 100 percent recyclable.

Your company's packaging is the first direct interaction your clients have with it. Trying to end up making the best initial impressions is all about making things right, and we can assist you achieve this alone.

We utilize our skills and knowledge to assist you to its most proper solution after we have a good grasp of what you require. It's all about providing exceptional service.

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If you’d like us to be involved in your packaging review, our team is on hand to answer your questions and we’d be delighted to create bespoke, artist impressions of unboxing experiences worthy of your brand.

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