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Envelopes at Lil packaging - why you need to try them

With media goods up to 30mm thick, a cardboard envelope provides a snug fit construction. With only a strictly protected model created of robust b-flute corrugated recycled cardboard and a stacking shape for storage. When compared to bubble mailers, there is a threefold increase in envelope volume per pallet and a significant reduction in product damage. 100% recyclable provides environmental stewardship and a big shift away from local plastic in online packaging.

The goods in our envelope collection were created from 100 percent recyclable materials and thus are 100 percent recyclable. The Lil envelope is the most environmentally friendly, plastic-free alternative to a regular bubble envelope or bubble bag mailer, and it represents a major step forward in the elimination of single-use plastics in ecommerce packaging. This collection was created in collaboration with a few of the leading online merchants… then you might remember our envelopes!

Do you have trouble finding enough storage capacity for your packaging? The answer, for example, is the A194 envelope's simple stack architecture. Are you fed up with returns and disgruntled customers? These envelopes are superior than bubble mailers because the Lil envelope's corner rigidity prevents breakage during delivery. Online merchants claim a reduction of nearly 70% in returns and a 25% increase in packing speed.

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