How expensive is custom packaging?

The simple answer

Often businesses, whether known or small, often are uncertain how much bespoke packaging will cost. We want to take away that stress and at Lil packaging can give you a transparent quote on your custom packaging.

As a result, companies regularly choose standard packaging that would not adequately represent their brand or, as a result, harms their image. Our stock range is a big balance between premium looks but staying "stock" enough for the average consumer to understand what they want to achieve. Have a look here at our shop if you find yourself wondering what you may need,

One goal of bespoke packaging would be to highlight their company & leave the impression on the market segment that will also be difficult to forget, Have a hard look at your branding and design; this is a awesome way to introduce marketing and or advertising, simply and "technically" free.

Packaging can be quite expensive but like everything, it depends on the options you decide to select when speaking to our BDM team. We recommend that "cheaping" out will most likely follow through to your customers as people will see the cut costs. Quality speaks quality to your customers, make the whole experience amazing and we are sure (actually positive) they will come back.

On top of ordering a bespoke custom ecommerce box or book wrap, why not look into branded messages? limited selections of products can include a written message which will add to the core value of your company and is actually free, as long as you have a decent pen.

Choose your colours wisely... Would be words of wisdom you hear in the packaging sector, because upon printing, this can most defiantly be expensive depending on the MOQ (minimum order quantity) you and your business go for.

Feel like you are ready to dive in and get a quote? let us know.

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