FSC recognition

Between 2017 and 2022, FSC logo awareness increased from 52 percent to 78 percent.

Just 10% of consumers in the UK thought the emblem is unlikely to influence the desire to purchase anything after being aware of a label's significance.

That's why we at Lil packaging recommend when choosing your next custom venture; maybe look at including FSC and more sustainable emblems to help you increase value for not only your brand but for in terms of sales.

FABLED packaging for ecommerce

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Packaging is a platform for the business as well as a great way to communicate information regarding your goods or services: is it high-end or low-cost? Is it better to be healthier or deviously mischievous? Is it a lovely or a need in daily existence?
40 percent of consumers admit to enjoying unboxing videos on YouTube, wherein, as someone that has viewed an unboxing video can remind us, its package seems to be the main attraction

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