Electricals & Boxed Retail Items packaging at Lil

Perfect protection while being 100% FSC™ certified

Our Lil Shopping boxes offer excellent security for bigger products being sent via mail. They're easy to put together with a pop-up action, and they're sturdy and unobtrusive so they don't draw unwanted attention. They employ a hinged top for the superior 'unboxing' appearance and include our hot melt peel'n'seal and tear strip combination. FSCTM certified and recyclable to the fullest extent possible.

The S1 mailbox

Fashion goods, DVDs, mobile phones, cameras, and other devices or electrical products are all well protected when sent through the mail. These postal boxes are 3 times faster to pack and are exceptionally tough and durable!

Are you looking for postal packing or shipping boxes that are easy to assemble? An S1 pop-up postal box is approximately A5 in size and is intended for apparel, fashion products, and accessories, as well as 5-7 DVD sets.

You may send DVDs or games, as well as clothing, apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, gadgets, and cosmetics, in a safe and secure manner. It's twice as fast to load than a normal corrugated box in the '0201' design.

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