Create custom bespoke packaging to help you and your business

The custom packaging information

Lil packaging makes purchasing customised items simple yet efficient. We willl take care of it and send you your very own personalised results at the ending. It's all about the packaging. Consumers desire instagram or facebook worthy packaging which they could post on facebook, customized bags which customers may use as either a statement piece, or simply personalised packages.
That's an easy & valued cost approach to reach a broader market with your business.

Customer control

Customers have complete control over their design and can update things almost as or even as frequently as customers would choose. Would you want to offer your package a holiday makeover while we approach the holiday season, or do you even have a company landmark you'd like to commemorate with such a custom mailing bag? We will provide you with sophisticated designs that will endure the passing of history, as well as a new fresh appearance to keep customers involved.
Customizing your package using Lil packaging is simple, as well as the end result is a high-quality item. Having shipping options from across UK and EU, you'll get a thorough service from start to finish, having our people working with you just to guarantee complete level of detail.

So you've determined what product you require. You may get these as usual from us and be rest assured of unmatched overall quality and the knowledge that your things were sustainable and environmentally beneficial. These may, however, be far more.

Unless you already have imagery, we will collaborate with you just to develop a layout which matches your idea. There are several possibilities available, ranging from patterns that loop all around entire product to incorporating your company identity. Our package development professionals are here to help and guide you each stage of your process. We can build anything that fits your entire brand if you really need graphic design & artwork.

Read more on our case studies here

Let us help you mail happy

If you’d like us to be involved in your packaging review, our team is on hand to answer your questions and we’d be delighted to create bespoke, artist impressions of unboxing experiences worthy of your brand.

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