Christmas recycling and waste

It's that season of year again, when the media informs buyers that it's time to spend, splurge, buy on interior decoration, meals, and presents, and environmental sustainability pledges appear to have taken a second place on the bench of requirements. 

The actual reality in Christmas waste, an UK commercial trash management firm, illustrates actual realities of a Christmas period sometimes in surprising data regarding the time of the year when greater plastic garbage was generated than anyone else.

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To put it bluntly, environmental sensitivity is critical, so we must fight for nature and make up for such harm we have created. You must do everything possible to aid the Planet's recovery but also to avoid more harm before it becomes too late - and besides, there really is no second option.

During the Christmas season, approximately 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging is being used in the UK exclusively, including at least 3,000 tonnes of it going towards the packing for the holiday dinner showcase. 

According to Which?, the consumer rights organisation, packaging accounts for around half of the entire mass of chocolates purchased during Christmas. More packaging than product will be found inside the usual variety pack.

So where do I start?

To begin, it's a good thing to understand which types of packaging may be recycled within your area, as well as if food waste might alter what could be thrown away. Each washable plastic container box may be converted into a storage container for other items. Tomato sauce bottles, for instance, are particularly ideal for keeping seasonings & grains. Reuse any wrapping paper if it does not qualify the "scrunch test" (If it can be salvaged).

Alternatively, take a glance at our items for a greener, easier Christmas without the hassle of recycling. For further information, go here.

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