C3 Bukwrap Bookwrap Packaging - FSC® certified

Bookwrap packaging at Lil packaging

Whenever you need a large letters book wrap, go no farther than the C3 Bukwrap, which always gets you the best postal rate. These book wrappers are ideal for hardback books as well as other things, maximising the high letter maximum size and lowering your postage costs. Pack 25 percent faster with superior strength kraft corrugated material, variable depth creases for extremely snug shock absorbent, and no need for expensive voidfill or tape! If you're seeking for the greatest book packing, go no further than these huge letter folders!

Are you looking for big letter book covers to make the most of the Royal Mail's 353 x 250 x 25mm large letter size limit? The C3 bukwrap is a tough, rigid cardboard protective container designed to preserve a wide range of typical book sizes, particularly hardback reference and recipe books. This durable C3 bukwrap has impact-buffer edges, reinforced & bonded corners, and configurable depths for numerous orders (0-50mm). Our leading hot melt peel'n'seal / tear-strip method is used on every bukwrap in our line for simple sealing and opening. Our book wrappers are also FSC® certified and 100 percent recyclable.

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