Both mood and tension are set by the packaging.

Most of the excitement would've been gone if you didn't need packaging and could see the present right away. There'd be no suspense, no surprise, and considerably less enjoyment. There's a reason why people record their unpacking experiences and how popular they are. Despite the fact that the gift is not for us, our interest is piqued, and that we'll experience a sense of envy. We're curious about what's inside the box, so we keep watching until the very end. Then, at long last, the big reveal: the company's "ta dah!" moment arrives.

That technique has been tried and true. The box, the safety tabs, the hinge lid, its perforated, the wrapping, the label which you have to gently tear off, every one of these elements combine inextricably to start building up to a definitely helps: the item within, just like any other piece of theater. The packaging is as important as the product, much as in a drama from the golden period of detective fiction, with investigator slowly but steadily information sharing of tension until revealing the bombshell whodunit. This revelation is very pleasing to human behavior.

Ecommerce Packaging is a multifaceted concept.

Not even to mention that every old e-commerce packaging would not suffice. Packaging must be multi-faceted, providing both a revelation and a high level of functionality. With content, there could be no style. Remembering the tabs on which Steve Jobs worked for so many hours? It was placed not just to indicate Apple consumers where to peel back the invisible, full-bleed label glued to the top of the transparent iPod box, but also so that when Apple's factory stacked many packages for shipping, there's been naturally empty space between both the boxes that protected the tab. This item was for selling a single box to a single client, but it was for selling a single box to a single consumer.

The correct packaging for the proper product is essential. It's pointless to deliver flowers that require air holes in much the same cardboard box as a thick winter suit, no matter how inspiring the box is. Your packing must also be tamper-proof and able to be delivered. This should preferably be ecologically friendly, and at Lil Packaging, we are committed to reusing and delighted of our environmental advantages. Furthermore, nothing ought to be in your warehouse which you don't realize is helpful or that you feel is both attractive and ecologically good (to paraphrase William Morris).

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