Achieving Zero Carbon In The Bespoke Packaging Industry


At Lil Packaging, eco-consciousness is as important to us as crafting bespoke, beautiful and cost-effective unboxing experiences for our client’s customers. It’s an unavoidable fact that all of us, across all industries, must do all that is possible to protect our planet, preserving and improving the Earth for future generations.

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Our passion for eco-friendliness and green practices is not limited to setting a 21st century standard for recyclable, fully biodegradable packaging solutions. Though our offerings of Lil Envelopes, Bukwraps, Mailboxes and Bags are giving ecommerce operations an ecologically guilt-free option for mailing, we have long understood that there is more that we can do to have as little impact on the Earth as possible. Starting in early 2021, we began pursuing this cause in earnest, streamlining our operations with the aim of achieving Zero Carbon by February, 2022. We believe (at the time of writing) that we will be the first in the packaging manufacturing industry to do so.

This endeavour has allowed us the opportunity to analyse each aspect of our operations and in turn, relay our findings to our customers and peers in this blog series. Lil Packaging’s desire to share this message is such that Owner/MD, Fred Lill is currently exhibiting a presentation based on our journey to audiences of key industry figures. Beginning with the FuturePrint & Pack Summit this month in Cambridge, this is the first in a series of appearances to be made through 2021 – 2022.

"We have no questions, but I want to say aloud what a fantastic presentation & How very inspiring After COP26, You're an example to us all. I mean every word"

Chris Jordan - founder - ExEdraBridge Business Consultancy.

For those unable to attend these events, this 8-part blog series will serve as an information resource for the ways in which we have made changes since the beginning of 2021 and will cover the following aspects in which we have streamlined our carbon footprint.

  • Transport - read here
  • Power-Down Policies - read here
  • Switching to LED Lighting - read here
  • Warm the People, Not the Space - read here
  • Meeting Virtually - coming soon
  • Future Machine Purchase Policies - coming soon
  • Improving Building Thermal Efficiency - coming soon
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) - coming soon
  • ISO 9001 Process Improvements - coming soon
  • ISO 12647 Offset Lithographic Processes - coming soon
  • Door/Window Closing Policy - coming soon
  • HVAC: Heat Pumps - coming soon
  • Machine Metering - coming soon
  • On-site Solar Energy Generation - coming soon

As these articles are released, they will be linked to in the list above. Alternatively, please subscribe to our mailing list to be alerted as soon as they are published!

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