A eco friendly bag for your ecommerce operations

Kraft Paper Mail Bag Plastic Free Packaging for Online Fashion

The Lil bag is scalable, sustainable, affordable and 100% UK made. Designed specifically for eCommerce, and ideal for shipping fashion items, this is the perfect solution for fashion brands looking to remove single-use plastics from their eCommerce operations.

Made from kraft paper, and thanks to clever sealing techniques, our kraft paper mailbags have been soak-tested using cobalt moisture testing cards and have been proven water resistant.

We offer kraft paper mailbags which are particularly made for ecommerce. These kraft paper mailbags are recyclable, durable, & yet eco-friendly, making them ideal for eco-conscious fashion brands looking to limit their usage of plastic.

Kraft paper mail bags: tested and proven weather and water resistant!

Using standard Cobalt Chloride humidity indicator cards, placed inside our kraft paper mail bags, we observed the following results…

  • 3 hours outside, directly in heavy rainfall - internal air moisture increased to 30% from a baseline of 10%, with no visible water ingress
  • 30 seconds directly under a running tap - air moisture increased to 20% from a baseline of 10%, with no visible water ingress

Water and weather damage are minimised with our Lil bag range of kraft paper bags due to a number of excellent quality, dense, long-fibre kraft paper (that is naturally splash resistant and therefore is pressure sealed all through production) as well as a strong, sustained glue application all along seams (reducing the opportunity of leaks).

Let us help you mail happy

If you’d like us to be involved in your packaging review, our team is on hand to answer your questions and we’d be delighted to create bespoke, artist impressions of unboxing experiences worthy of your brand.

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