Pizza style mailing boxes

Lil AMOD02

140 x 101 x 43 mm
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(approx 6x4x2 in inches) The Lil AMOD02 is a very strong and stiff Peel & Seal self-adhesive pizza style die cut cardboard postal box best used by internet retailers & web sellers as the perfect pizza-box style mailer for keeping products safe packaging. As Europe√¥s largest ecommerce manufacturer, you can buy from us with confidence.   Please note: delivery for this item takes 5-8 working days for more info‚Ä click here. Don't forget, all prices are excluding 20% VAT. VAT will be applied to your order during checkout where applicable.
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Brown in colour & featuring Lilôs trademark hot melt Peel & Seal self-adhesive formula which is 300% stronger than the alternative cheap far-eastern double sided-tape, the Lil AMOD02 cardboard pizza style die cut postal box is made from single wall corrugated Kraft cardboard (FSC material detail below) and also features a frustration-free red tear strip for hassle-free easy opening. The Lil AMOD02 is our improved & perfected 21st century alternative to the inferior bog-standard 19th century industry norm òFEFCO 0420/ 0421/ 0426/ 0427/ 0428/ 0429ô carton cases available from everywhere else (those codes are enough to bore anyone) The difference is that our attention to detail gives you unboxing excellence in mailing internet retail... at an affordable low cost price.
  • Fastest speed The Lil hot melt Peel & Seal self-adhesive provides instant stick without the need for secondary cheap sub-standard packing tapes. Eradicating the need for packers to pick up / put down a tape gun results in fulfilment speed increases of up to 25%.
  • Best presentation & security - The Lil hot melt Peel & Seal self-adhesive flap seals neatly & precisely meaning every dispatch looks perfectly uniform unlike when using low cost parcel sealing tapes which can look very messy and untidy. Lil√¥s trademark tamper evident red tear strip maximises security whilst making it minimum fuss (frustration free) for a consumer to open their package, greatly improving positive feedback for ebay sellers.
  • Strongest & Stiffest to protect from damage - All of our pizza style die cut cardboard postal box have double strength thickness left & right side walls and the perfected height flaps add upto 3x side thickness strength for the Lil AMOD02 It is even possible to stand on 98% of the sizes in this range without them crushing! Thus proving they are the strongest & stiffest postal mailing boxes of their kind. Lil√¥s unique hot melt glue formula is also 300% stronger than cheap inferior double sided tape.
The size really is good; the perfect pizza-box style mailer for keeping products safe perfect We produce the Lil AMOD02 ourselves in our world class factory using FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) 150 Kraft E flute 150 Test corrugated cardboard sadly we are the only packaging supplier ensuring every single box we sell is guaranteed environmentally ògreenô by printing the FSC logo to prove it.
Box Type Flat Boxes <50mm
Color Brown Corrugated
Height 43
Internal Width MM 140
Width (mm) 101 - 200
Internal Length MM 101
Length (mm) 101 - 150
Internal Height MM 43
Height (mm) 0 - 100
Internal Width Inches 5.51
Internal Length Inches 3.98
Internal Height Inches 1.69
Item Thickness 150KE150T
Width 101