iSL3 Breezebox

340 x 245 x 22 mm
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If you haven't already heard of Breezebox, it’s the biggest break-through in E-commerce packaging: adhesive integrated tissue-paper acts as wrapping paper within the e-commerce box shell. It’s the only way of stopping items rattling around within a box without the use of voidfill or plastics. The iSL3 is one of our large letter compliant boxes. Perfect for health & beauty items such as luxury notebooks, iPad covers, A4 magazines or photobooks.
Looking for Luxury designer packaging boxes to fit Royal Mail Large Letter size limit of 353 x 250 x 25mm? This large letter mail box is the ultimate letterbox-ready luxury packaging option. Our research tells us that almost 95% of UK letterboxes are at least 254mm (10 inches) wide and 38mm (1.5 inches) high. This means the iSL3 will 100% fit the low cost Royal Mail Large Letter tariff AND fit 95% of UK Letterboxes benefitting far fewer 'failed deliveries', and even more happy customers! Perfect for t-shirts and other fashion items, A4 sized magazines, documents, photograpics and artwork. This large letter Breezebox features our market-leading hot melt peel'n'seal / red-tear-strip combination. Royal Mail Large Letter box maximiser for cheap postal tariff mailings. Beautiful products deserve beautiful packaging...the iSL3 Breezebox is the most affordable luxury e-commerce mailing box on the market and includes our 'breezepaper' internal product wrap. Breezepaper? Yes, that's our patent-pending system for stylishly locking products in place inside the outer e-commerce box shell. Whilst securing your product carefully, our Breezepaper provides an unparalleled 'unboxing' experience. No need for void-fill or separate tissue paper. Our Breezepaper has just enough adhesion to securely wrap and protect whatever is inside and safeguards everything in sophisticated style while the low adhesion does not stick to the contents. Thanks to the unique security features of these luxury designer packaging boxes, such as the the side locks and tamper-evident tear-strip, you can safely and securely mail high value designer items such as T-shirts, tablet cases, boutique notebooks, diaries and photographs. It is very strong and three times faster to pack than a standard '0201' style corrugated box.  Using our strong and stiff corrugated cardboard with an attractive 'kraft' external finish, the iSL3 also features a  'thank you for shopping with us' internal printed message. All Breezeboxes feature our leading hot melt peel'n'seal / red-tear-strip system for easy sealing and easy opening of the mailbox.  Our entire Breezebox range is also 100% recyclable and FSC™ certified. Seriously fast to pack, seriously beautiful. These are our top of the range luxury designer packaging boxes.  This ingenious fashion mailing box features cleverly-integrated Breezepaper tissue. It has just enough adhesion to securly wrap & protect whatever is inside and safeguards everything in sophisticated style. Easy frustration-free tear-strip opening with these fashion mailing boxes.
Your packaging is the first time that your customers physically experience your product. Getting it right is your chance to make the best first impression. We help you do just that. With a clear understanding of what you need, we use our knowledge and expertise to guide you to the most appropriate solutions. If you need something a little extra special, the Lil breezebox can be custom made, with your branding printed on both the box and the inner Breezepaper. The Breezebox is available in bespoke sizes and seductive custom-designs. You can have them in any colour that you like!
Colour Brown Corrugated
Height 343
Internal Width MM 340
Internal Length MM 245
Internal Height MM 22
Internal Width Inches 13.4
Internal Length Inches 9.6
Internal Height Inches 0.9
Item Weight (g) 112
Quantity per Box/Pack 80
Quantity per pallet 3200
Width 343