Why Hot Melt?

There's no logical reason any other adhesive should exist in ecommerce packaging.

Simply put; it's the only option for sealing ecommerce packaging as its the only glue that doesn't need 24 hours to stick!

You could say we are packaging geeks; but we are the guys you would call when you want every box ticked.

Why hot melt?

We pledge to only provide you with hot melt adhesive packaging - That's our Lil promise.

90 seconds to 100% stick. All other adhesives take 24 hours to 100% stick - we cannot stress the importance of this enough, since most e-commerce is delivered within 18 hours.

90% faster to peel due to fast release overhanging paper

300% more aggressive adhesive tack

Unlimited shelf life

What is Hot Melt?
A blend of man made rubbers, hydrocarbon, resins and additives made at high temperatures and cooled after application.

Hot melt adhesive is supplied to us in solid cylindrical sticks or cubes and are designed to be melted to spreadable liquid form at 160 degrees  in electric hot glue guns, mounted at the front of our 28 metre production machines. Our hot melt packaging provides the best seal without the need for much pressure and requires no activation by water, solvent or heat at the point of fulfilment.

Make no mistake, D/S tape is cheaper and easier to manufacture. That's why you'll see it on low - quality packaging from the far east. But as a sign of quality, security and ease of use; only trust hot melt for ecommerce packaging
To discuss how this and many of our innovations can help you improve your packaging experience, contact us

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