High Speed Fulfilment Packaging

Be prepared for peak trading with our High Speed Fulfilment Packaging!

To help simplify searching through our product range, we’ve highlighted key products within our range that we know are perfectly optimised for frenzied high-speed packing required to meet demand during peak season. Our range of eCommerce packaging has been designed alongside the internet’s biggest retailers specifically to speed up fulfilment, optimise on storage space and improve customer unboxing experiences.


Featuring variable-depth design, high-strength corrugated kraft board with buffer edge protection – our bukwrap postal wraps are super flexible, easy to store and offer super-fast packing. Combined with our unique combination of hot-melt fast peel ‘n’ seal system and easy-tear opening strips – they offer the perfect combination of lightning quick packing speed and superior unboxing experiences (check out the video below).

  1. C-DVD Bukwrap

    C-DVD Bukwrap

    200 x 30 x 142 mm
    From £0.73
  2. C2 Bukwrap

    C2 Bukwrap

    260 x 70 x 175 mm
    From £0.99
  3. C3 Bukwrap

    C3 Bukwrap

    311 x 50 x 240 mm
    From £1.21

View the bukwrap range here.

For another video of our bukwrap book packaging in action with an internet giant click here (skip to 2:35)


Supplied completely flat, so you’re guaranteed to get the maximum use of storage space combined with an extremely flexible packaging solution. Completely eliminating the need for voidfiller – our twist wraps have been extensively researched based on retailers’ five shelf heights, in order to package over 90% of all toys and games on the market. Featuring buffer-edge protection, our hot melt peel’n’seal and tear strip combination – and a unique 90-degree twist action providing unparalleled cross-ply strength.

  1. L-EG-01 Twistwrap

    L-EG-01 Twistwrap

    195 x 80 x 140 mm
    From £0.73
  2. L-EG-03 Twistwrap

    L-EG-03 Twistwrap

    305 x 80 x 203 mm
    From £1.41
  3. L-EG-06 Twistwrap

    L-EG-06 Twistwrap

    475 x 105 x 375 mm
    From £3.37

View the twistwrap range here.

Lil Envelope

Featuring a special rigidly-protective design, with an easily stackable format for storage. Enabling up to 70% fewer returns, triple the envelope quantity per pallet vs bubble mailers and substantial reductions in product damage reported by the UK’s biggest online seller. 100% FSC® certified material ensures green credentials.

  1. A2 Envelope

    A2 Envelope

    334 x 234 mm
    From £0.53
  2. A3 Envelope

    A3 Envelope

    352 x 249 mm
    From £0.63

View the full envelope range here.

Royal Mail Maximisers – E5-SP

If you buy no other packaging during this peak period, make sure it’s the Lil E5-SP. One of the most efficiently sized cardboard boxes in the whole of our Lil range. Why? Well…when it comes to getting the most ‘contained’ product through Royal Mail’s small parcel size limit (packages not exceeding: Length: 45cm Width: 35cm Depth: 16cm Weight limit: 2kg), the E5-SP cardboard box is the best value option you’ll find. Also, don’t forget our tape gun and ecommerce tape – our tape is made using hot-melt adhesive so it offers unrivalled levels of adhesion and super fast curing time – both essential for high speed despatch during peak trading!

View the full Maximiser range here.