Postal Packaging and strut mounts for Photos and illustrations

photo strut mounts by lil packaging

Lil Strut mounts

Photographic strut mounts are a cost-effective & high quality option for mounting prints and pictures. We use FSC® certified sustainably sourced board, and a ‘triple-hit’ print process (with vegetable material ink) to achieve consistent colour quality on our strutmounts. Our two print formats (Mono and DeBossed) are well-cut with easy to use rear mounts, and are recognised for quality. Recommended for:

  • School Photo Shoots
  • Portraits & Picture Displays
  • Family & Pet Photos

Sold in boxes of 100. Please note - we are currently in the process of delisting strut mounts from our website. Don't worry, you'll still be able to order them by contacting us directly on +44 (0)1480 396 200 or contact us here.

photo strut mounts by lil packaging

Are you looking for flat packaging for photos? Searching for the ideal way to mail out your photos that won't result in bent, creased or tatty looking prints arriving on your customer's doorstep? Look no further!

Welcome to our Photography packaging essentials page – eCommerce postal packaging for photographs – everything a professional photographer needs to #mailhappy.

Lil Flatpack

Super heavy-duty – if you want to post out large format photographs which you want to protect from bending these are the perfect strong flat cardboard envelopes for the job. Heavy duty packaging featuring highly-stiffened corners, reinforced edges and our hot-melt peel 'n' seal and red-tear-strip combination. 100% FSC™ certified. Recommended for large, high value photos and other flat items. These super strong, flat mailers are perfect for posting Artwork, Picture Frames, Maps & More.

  1. F3 Flatpack

    F3 Flatpack

    352 x 249 mm
    From £0.84
  2. F5 Flatpack

    F5 Flatpack

    445 x 325 mm
    From £1.24
  3. F8 Flatpack

    F8 Flatpack

    675 x 525 mm
    From £2.88

Lil Envelope

Our postal cardboard envelopes are made for media – perfect for photos and frames, they're made using super strong solid board material with specially designed creases to protect whatever's inside from impact damage. Red ripper tear strip opening and peel and seal come as standard.

  1. Lil Envelope sustainable mailing envelope eco friendly inks

    A1 Envelope

    235 x 180 mm
    From £0.26 From £0.10
  2. A2 Envelope

    A2 Envelope

    334 x 234 mm
    From £0.45
  3. A3 Envelope

    A3 Envelope

    352 x 249 mm
    From £0.53