Custom Printed Envelopes bespoke Capacity Envelopes (aka gusset envelopes)

We manufacture high quality bespoke capacity envelopes

Here at Lil Packaging we have a long history of manufacturing bespoke packaging designs for customers large and small – ranging in scale from internet retailing titans, to medium-size distributors and retailers. We have a simple but effective process that we follow, to provide you with a bespoke packaging specification that gets it right…

Custom Printed Envelopes, Capacity envelopes, Gusset Envelopes…

We’re experts when it comes to all things envelopes! We’ve been making them in-house since 1983

We have a long history of manufacturing custom capacity envelopes of all shapes and sizes (aka wallets and gussets envelopes) for traditional photo enlargements going back to the early 1980’s – so it’s safe to say that whatever your capacity envelopes requirement may be we’ll be bound to have a solution that’s perfect for you. We manufacture everything in-house using state-of-the-art high speed cutting and gluing machines as well as an array of printing presses including ultra high spec lithographic, digital and flexographic presses. If you’re looking for a branded capacity envelope for your next marketing campaign, catalogue direct mailer and more besides look no further than Lil Packaging – contact us today.


Our first phase is all about asking questions. With decades of experience, we know the good questions from the bad and make sure that we get the information we need to get your specification sorted. We ask questions like:

  • What product or products are you wanting bespoke packaging for?
  • What size are your products?
  • How are you shipping them?(Bags? Envelopes? Wraps? ‘0201’ Cardboard boxes?)
  • Are there any special considerations?(Security needs, unusual material transport regulations or requirements etc.)
  • Is there a specific problem you’re having with your current packaging or deliveries?
  • What are your custom printing requirements?

With the answers to questions like these, we produce a great specification for you.


Our first phase is all about asking questions. With decades of experience, we know the good questions from the bad and make sure that we get the information we need to get your specification sorted. We ask questions like:

  • Material: Selecting the right cardboard material for your bespoke packaging is a crucial early decision. The type of material dictates much of the ‘make-up’ design, and print-on possiblities for your packaging. The thickness or grade (often measured in ‘microns’ or ‘gsm’) of your cardboard greatly affects the strength, durability, design and usage of your packaging specification. Also we always suggest you opt for FSC® certified material for ensured sustainability.
  • Size: Your bespoke packaging must fit ‘snugly’ around your packaged product. Unless it is designed for multiple / assorted item carriage, we discourage the use of voidfill or unnecessary empty space.
  • Print: We advise you on the print possibilities that you have available to you, depending on the material, size, and make-up design requirements of your bespoke packaging.
  • Special Considerations: Does your packaging need to have special attention paid to its security features? Maybe it needs an extra peel’n’seal strip to enable your mailer to be returnable? Perhaps ease of access or recyclability is important? We can cater to them all and more.
  • Design: The design of your packaging is the key element of the process – taking in the effects of all other factors listed here. With over thirty years experience, we innovate and surprise daily with our bespoke packaging designs. We have a huge bank of previous designs, and new ones, that we can call upon to create your perfect packaging solution.
  • Manufacturing Limitations: Sometimes customers ask for things that simply are not possible. We’re not afraid to tell you this, but at the same time, we’ll always have a trick up our sleeve to achieve things other manufacturers will frown at. Most of all, we focus on specifications being ‘achievable’ and ‘realistic’ within manufacturing limitations.

At Lil Packaging we can produce a wide variety of high quality and effective bespoke envelopes and mailers. Featuring completely custom print, special designs, custom shapes, features and more. We have over the years produced courier envelopes, combi-works envelopes and dockitts, fixed capacity mailers, multiple window envelopes, open-maltese-cross mailers, pillow packs, cd pockets, and much more for many many clients in a wide variety of industries.

Here at Lil Packaging we know how to produce the best cardboard bespoke wallets and pockets. Our wallets, folders and pockets in the past have come in many forms, sometimes featuring expanding gussets, printed inner gussets, and even extending to the ultra-protective flange end buffered designs. We can advise you on the best material, print and design formats to use, as well as provide options such as hot melt peel’n’seal / red tear-strip seal and open combinations.

If your product needs a custom cardboard sleeve printed at a great price, then the Lil Packaging team is here for you. We have decades of experience producing magazine envelopes, ‘part work’ boxes and typical sleeve-style packaging.  If you’re looking for bespoke product sleeve packaging – then please do get in touch.

For over two decades now we have produced bespoke photographic packaging and bespoke photo strutmounts. Past clients from the theme park and events sector have regularly used our materials to display, distribute and sell photographs in bespoke wallets, folders and strutmounts. If you need some photographic display packaging, or even something a little different, then get in touch with the team at Lil Packaging.

A cardboard box is just a cardboard box right? Not when it’s the first contact your customer will have upon accepting their delivery. It’s that crucial first impression. Therefore, we have specialised in producing both stock design and bespoke design cardboard boxes to help wow your customers. No matter what you need, we’ll find a way of helping you create a realistic and practical solution that ticks all of the boxes.  Our designs range from carry packs, mug boxes, poster cartons and tubes, printed gable top cartons, skillet cartons, tapered cartons, clipfast tray mailers, mail boxes, ecommerce boxes, tuck end glued cartons and much more. (That list could go on for a LONG time!) If you need a bespoke packaging box, get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Retail packaging and point of sale material can be a real headache when it comes to sourcing it cost-effectively. Not with Lil. We have years of experience producing various different types of retail focused packaging. Our experience covers production of clipfast trays, hinged lid viewers, gift set packaging, retail counter displays, windowed boxes and much more. If you have need of some retail packaging or point of sale / merchandising materials, do get in touch and we’ll take that headache away for you!

With the answers to questions like these, we produce a great specification for you.

Estimation & Quote

At this point, we then create the embryonic stage of your bespoke packaging. Our sales team passes the specification to our estimating team to create a quote, and a specially printed and made-up sample. Both the sample and the quote are sent to you for your review. Once the samples (and the quote) have been accepted and agreed upon by both you and our production team, a production run date is then mutually agreed.


Once we have been in receipt of the finalised artwork and production has been agreed, a typical production run will often be complete in around 3-4 weeks.

Get A Quote

If you would like to get a quote regarding your bespoke packaging needs, please email our team via our email address here.