Royal Mail Maximisers

Our range of Royal Mail Large Letter and Small Parcel mailers have been designed specifically to give the maximum delivery space, yet still fall within the Royal Mailer large letter and small parcel size.

What are royal mail large letter and small parcel sizes?

  • Royal mail parcel size 450 x 350 x 160mm
  • Large Letter size 353 x 250 x 25mm

Our range of Royal Mail Small Parcel and Large Letter compliant mailers have been tried, tested and found to save time and money by the Internet’s biggest retailers…

  • A-CD - a CD sized envelope for mailing out CDs

    A-CD envelope

    180 x 164 x 0-30 mm
    from £7.80 Each (ex VAT)

    Looking for quality cardboard CD envelopes?  The A-CD envelopes are Amazon style CD mailers that provide the most cost-effective protection for yo...

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  • A-LTR - a letter sized envelope for Royal Mail
    Sold out

    A-LTR envelope

    239 x 164 x 0-30 mm
    from £9.90 Each (ex VAT)

    Maximise and save on Royal Mail 'Letters' postal tariff! The A-LTR small cardboard envelope is perfectly sized to fit through the Royal Mail "Lett...

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