E0 Cardboard Box

228 x 160 x 102 mm

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As used by Europe's largest internet retailer, these A5 size, 9 x 6 x 4" single wall small cardboard boxes are made to a higher specification than many other manufacturers standard boxes. Made to protect your goods through transit with a BCT rating of 1540N (20% stronger than industry standard). We are the only company to have the FSC environmental logo printed on every box.

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Product Description

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Looking for electronics packaging?  The E0 cardboard box is seriously strong with a Box Compression Test Strength (BCT) of 1540N.  This box is over 20% stronger than the Industry Standard in the material strength Box Compression Test.  In comparison, a standard, single-wall box will have a material strength of between 1190 and 1270N.  (The Box Compression Test shows the force required to crush a box with a size of 400x300x200mm.)  Perfect as electronics cardboard boxes and for packing up light bulbs, party supplies, hair care, health & beauty products, protein tubs, stationery and many other retail items.  The Lil cardboard box range boasts variable depth for all sizes deeper than 6 inches.  Simply tear down the easy to use vari-depth perforation, fold the flaps and away you go!*  All of our Lil cardboard boxes are manufactured using FSC certified material for environmental sustainability.  These single-wall, small E0 cardboard boxes from Lil packaging are designed to be excellent electronics cardboard boxes.  They are made to a higher specification than many other manufacturers' standard boxes to protect your goods through the post.  Small cardboard boxes are just small cardboard boxes, right?  Wrong.  Quality matters; don't waste time, money and customers' patience on inferior basic packaging, when you can get high quality corrugated boxes that your customers will love 

right here.

Sturdy single-wall, small cardboard boxes are great as electronics packaging.  Flat packed: make them up by taping the flaps.  More attractive than a plain, unprinted stock box.

Your packaging is the first time that your customers physically experience your product.  Getting it right is your chance to make the best first impression.  With a clear understanding of what you need, we use our knowledge and expertise to guide you towards the most appropriate solutions.  It's about delivering unrivalled service; over 98% of our orders are dispatched within 24 hours.  Put your trust (and everything else) in the Lil box ... *vari-depth available in sizes deeper than 6 inches only.

Technical Specifications

  • Colour: Brown kraft
  • Height: 102 mm
  • Height inches: 4 inches
  • Length: 160 mm
  • Length inches: 6.3 inches
  • Material type: 150 tt b flute corrugated
  • Weight: 77g
  • Width: 228 mm
  • Width inches: 9 inches